Do I question?


Do I question this day? Or just live in this moment and enjoy it for once. It’s been along time that I felt this way. Nothing has really changed but maybe some of my coping skills have changed. I know these challenges exist and I know they will sort themselves out in time. But I have to learn not to let them get the best of me. That’s hard, since I still live in the same neighborhood, my finances haven’t changed and I have to cope with the fears inside. Someone posted a quote on Facebook:


I was little offended by it, I hardly think my depression is from living in the past, it certainly is real and present. Being anxious is living in the future, don’t think so. I can’t even think of the future, I’m so in the moment. And of course if your at peace your in the present. That might be the only part I agree with. What do you think?

This all made me think and I don’t judge anyone but I think they must think twice about the whole quote before they post. Yes it might make total sense to them but they might need to wonder how others might react. I would never comment on it. Mainly because on FB people are so personal and sometimes attack so quickly. Not That I think this person would, he’s one of the sweetest guys I know.

But it made me think. So my question to you is am I missing something in the quote? Or is it just how some really think.


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