Today I ran out of gas !


Well it’s interesting I knew I didn’t have enough gas to get home, but I made to a friends. I had just come from therapy so I was feeling somewhat okay. I was going to leave my car at my friend’s house and take a bus home. They have helped me so much I didn’t want to ask them for the tank or two to get home. But like true friends they wouldn’t have it so they gave me a few bucks to get to the gas station, hopefully. But I didn’t, I made it to the corner and the station was up the block. So I was dead at the intersection.

What to do?

Well a very kind young man was at the corner and ask if I needed help with a push. The station was up the block. I said please. So we ,push this little car up a block on Melrose along with some cars being very annoyed. Nothing I could do at the moment other than focus on the car. We made it to the station. All I could think was that it could have been a whole lot worse , my location. I thank this guy so much.

I got my gas and went back to Glenn & Glen’s. They had a cup of specialty coffee for me and a comfortable chair. So nice of them. Just what was needed.

I am so appreciative and grateful to these guys. They always make feel like don’t worry it will be okay. Sometimes I feel that and sometimes not. But this moment I am grateful for them. So maybe I’ll get a call from a building about an apartment, just maybe!!!!!


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