Blessed To Have You Guys


Do you have friends come thru for you when you really need them? When you are desperate? When they are very concerned? When they read my posts they see how desperate I am. And they see me how distressed I am. And how horribly embarrassed I am. To ask one more time. And how it is so hard to ask any more, that I’d rather take a bus or eat rice and beans on a daily basis. Drink the bad water from the faucet. But they really don’t allow that. And I am so grateful to them for what they do for Lucas and I .

I know there will come a day that I will help them, no whatever it is I’ll be there. I might not have money but I have a big heart and always remember how good they were to me. And they are my family here.

I look forward to a little relief hopefully coming soon. There just seems to be something in the air that keeps giving me signs. I’m putting that energy out there over and over again. Even when I’m at my darkest I do feel that phone will ring. With good news. It wouldn’t be a great fix, but it would start the ball rolling. Being on the north side of town, at least I’ll be able to look for a little job. And that would help immensely, mentally, physically, and financially. But now it would cost too much traveling everyday and forget about finding something in my neighborhood.

But back to these guys and my brother, they want me have the basics for Survival and I am SO GRATEFUL. I am BLESSED.

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