4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy an iPhone 5C From Walmart for 97 Cents



1. You can already get it for $0.
Yep, 97 cents is a great deal. You know what’s a better deal? No cents. You can buy the iPhone 5C right now — with no contract — from T-Mobile for $0 down. In fact, you can do the same at AT&T, Verizon and Sprint under their various programs.

The big catch? To get those deals, you have to pay for the phone with incremental payments every month, which are usually about $25 to $35. But at least those payments stop after two years, whereas a new contract — which the Walmart deal requires — would mean your phone’s true cost ($549 for the iPhone 5C) is built into the rates you pay, which don’t automatically cease when the contract expires.

Either way, they get your money. And if you really want the iPhone 5C with a contract, Sprint actually already offers it for $0. At least you’ll save nearly a buck.


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