My Sobriety


What’s concerning me so much is taking these meds is not good for my sobriety. I was once addicted to Xanax and made it thru and now I have to take tranquilizers for anxiety and panic attacks. It scares me and hopefully the psychiatrist and I are in sync. I’m writing this now because I’m racing like crazy at this hour of night. And I don’t want to take anything. I know it’s because I had coffee for dinner, that was it, but now I can’t sleep. I think of all that’s happening. I wonder why? Lucas is out like a light and I can’t even talk with him. But I can’t wake him. And I won’t .

I am concerned

I can’t fuel the system

I can’t fuel the mind

I take a lot of meds for HIV

I need food

I have to find a food bank tomorrow

I can’t take more tranquilizers

I am concerned

But I have to calm myself

Meds without food

Is a no no

I’ll take just one

To help with the pain

I wonder why?


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