A Real Good View……….!


Well the day started off good and it’s still feeling smooth. I like this, no feelings of anxiety, anxiousness, racing, it just smooth. Probably the way it’s suppose to be.

The picture I choose is from the Santa Monica Pier looking North. This is the beauty of this place. It’s definitely a tranquilizer in itself. Perfect.

1. Some of the positive things that happened today was I found out that I’m on the state waiting list for housing anywhere in the state. That’s great news. It might take a while and I might be in the housing I want by the time they call. But that’s okay.

2. I spoke with my friends brother who was about 11 years younger than us. But he’s all grown up and we chatted a while. It was so nice to know I might have another friend in LA. I hadn’t seen him since he was probably
4 or 5 years old. But it was great to connect. Thanks David and Carol.

3. I’m involved with another agency that will help and it will hopefully be a great help. It will certainly make this difficult transition a little less challenging.

So as I said this day I’m accepting and embracing myself. Knowing that I have a little more control. And I haven’t felt this way in a long time. But I know it’s one day at a time. So I take this day graciously.


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