I think I spoke too quickly. As I’m home I’m feeling a little bit of anxiety. So luckily I’m home and safe environment. And to put this day to rest. Early to bed this evening.


I think I’m on to something. I’ve embraced what’s happening and know that it’s out of my control. Let it go thru the process or just let it play out. I know every day will not be like the last three, but I should look back and think of what was working. I know the food situation is not going to change immediately, the finances the same, and the housing. But but I do know that I didn’t need to take a tranquilizer in last three days. And that pleases me. I feel a little empowered, so what if the cable goes off again, I have my books, NPR, and so much to do outdoors with Lucas. So what if it takes a good six months or so to get thru this. At least I think the regular meds are stabilizing. And I’m able to get thru these days. When…

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