Why the strength of your cell signal will affect the types of Facebook ads you receive

Oh lovely, just what we need more ads with more strength !


Auto-play video ads can be annoying, but what’s more maddening is when the ad doesn’t even load properly. On mobile devices, that’s often because you’ve got a weak cellular connection, which is why [company]Facebook[/company] is starting to allow advertisers to target ads based on the strength of someone’s cell phone signal, according to a new article in Advertising Age.

The program will give advertisers a new tool to help target and run video ads, which are among Facebook’s most expensive ad products and have been an area of focus of the company in the past year. They’re also data-hungry, so someone on a 3G connection might see stuttering or laggy video. He or she will move on, and that becomes a wasted impression.

So Facebook’s new targeting option will give advertisers the option to, say, serve a text-based ad to someone in a remote area with weak reception while also displaying a…

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