What did I do with almost 1/2 million dollars in inheritances from 2008-2012?
What did I buy?
What vacations did I go on?
What did I use to masks it with?
Did I give money to anyone?

There are many more questions to ask? But many go thru this same situation. And probably can’t account for it also. Well, first, poor money management. And thinking that it would never run out. Really, I’m sure many think the same way, as the money dwindles down, you just don’t see it. And aren’t aware.

1. Renovation of my condo which was already under water.
2. Bought really high grade Italian and mid century pieces furniture.
3. Travel to New York, California, Mexico, New Jersey, the Caribbean,
Panama Canal, Belize and many trips to The Ritz west coast of Florida
4. Both lots of Gucci, Prada, Luis Vuitton, Hermes, George Jenson, Tiffany,
many other items from these fabulous shops.
5. Spent a whole lot of money during my Xanax addiction.
6. Shopped only at Whole Foods and Fresh Market.
7. Played lots of tennis and had an instructor for 1 1/2 years.

I thought I was Marie Antoinettee of my idles of that time period.

So you see it’s pretty easy. Now I know that others have similar stories. Everyone’s is a little different, but all the same result. I was covering up many of the issues I had from losing Mom, Dad, Howard, and Lenore. I had not grieved for them, I just spent the money. They died one after another.
So my way of grieving was spending the money I inherited from them. And sleeping all day after tennis and shopping. A few friends watched but I didn’t heed their their advice, I thought it would last.


But it didn’t. Fast forward I’m in a situation I never thought I’d be in. BROKE, One Broke guy. Fighting Depression, Fear, Panic, Anxiety, and not eating properly. And I mean really broke. Where I have to depend only on my end of the month check. You all know this story. So no need to dwell on it.

Did or do anyone ever find themselves in this situation at one time?
How did you deal with it?
Ant ideas?



2 thoughts on “Inheritances

  1. As you know Frankie, it’s all to familiare to me, been there, done that…I take it day by day, stay out of the stores and always try to find a sale…Never ever did I think it would run out…STUPID ME!!!!


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