Actually not recently, but today and at 3pm……!

Had a great time, as if we hadn’t seen each other a day or so. A new good friend!



This is a friends brother who was apps 11 years younger than we were. We’re meting in West Hollywood is always fun. I did wake up with extreme anxiety and had a bad nights sleep. Several nightmares. And I thought I would cancel, but I’m pushing myself out. It will be good for me. And yes it has subsided a little. So I look forward to seeing this friend and it seems we a lot in common. He sounds like he’s doing really good. So possibly he can give me som pointers.

It’s really hot out, so I couldn’t take Lucas out. His little paws wold burn. These boys just love him when they see him, and he eats up all the attention. So off I go, I’ll keep you posted.

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