From Journaling to Blogging

Have you ever journaled? Have you ever just bought a blank book and jotted your thoughts down? Or any paper wrote what your day was like?

Well I have been for almost thirty years. And I have almost 2 dozen books different style books of my writings. There were times I went for several months not writing and other times write twice a day. The last 5 years I used a beautiful Hermes soft leather with parchment paper insert. I loved that paper, but in the last 6 months I couldn’t afford the paper. So about three months ago when the last page of the insert was filled I decided to start this blog.

Now this blog was supposed to be personal, politics, current affairs, style , entertainment, Apple, and just whatever is happening in the world. But what happened it became my personal journal also. Now I know I am quite honest and open with my personal life. But I decided I would put it all out there. Everything. I don’t know when I will be able to afford that parchment paper again, but this is working for me. Sometimes I get calls from friends about what I’m writing and question it or wonder why they never herd some of this stuff. Or that they feel so sorry for me, but never here back again. And comments from others on the the post, which helps that someone is reading. It’s all good!

The blog is doing what it needs to do, putting my thoughts on paper and sharing the news in the world around me. I post in this blog almost everyday and it’s always between six to ten or so posts. I came away sometimes feeling like did I really share that. Or think sometimes twice, but I post it anyway.

I’d love to hand those journals over to someone to read and tell me what they think. There are interesting parts of my life that I really NEVER would share, only on paper. But I’m ready to share. There are parts that might help others and parts that are just my thoughts. I took pride in not only what I was writing but what I wrote in. It took a lot of thinking when I bought a blank book. Especially the lasts ten years while living in Florida I wrote very often.

My mother gave me a blank book when I was in my twenties after I finish university. I was traveling to Europe for about four to six months and she wanted me jot it down then share. Well I never shared, it became to personal. And that was the beginning and I’m so glad she bought that first book for me. She started something.

So now I blog, and I put it all out there. I post about the events in the world. Everything from fashion to politics to technology. And it feel it’s right.

Yes it’s my blog………..



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