Water, Water, Water……………

Ahhh WATER! I love it! Drinking it, swimming in it, living by it – I am a Water Goddess through and through. And water is so good for us and especially good for maintaining optimum health and wellness. I am paying more attention to how much of it I consume as I add more physical exertion, eliminate the stored toxins from my smoking habit and embrace a healthier lifestyle. I treat my daily intake of water like a cocktail – I love to have it on ice and adore hearing the cubes clink together in a wonderful cocktail glass. I do like to occasionally garnish and flavor my water with a touch of lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, whatever tickles my palette — I find it helps me to manage multiple large glasses during the day. I like to visualize water rushing through my body getting into all the nooks and crannies and rinsing me clean and pure. Yes, all the water does make me a Potty Patty and I do eliminate often – but so what? I could never understand why people complain about themselves or others going to the bathroom a lot.. .Better out than in – no? Acqua, Voda, das Wasser, Mizu…no matter what the language about 55% of me is made up of Water and keeping myself hydrated, full and satisfied 10603253_10204284372481908_5553734085885868915_nimproves my mental performance, physical coordination, and overall health. Cheers!

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