Have you ever?

Have you ever thought about a situation your in that makes you feel embarassed or ashamed? Did you want to just keep it all inside and let it just feed on you? Dare to ask for help. Have you ever been at such a low point where this all comes ino play?  Well you know that’s where I’m at.

But my blog is so honest and candid about my life and sometimes your just really looking for an ear to listen. So the blogging has really helped. But something else has came out of this. I have a friend of almost 44 years and he became very concerned about my health, physical and mental state 6a00d8341c019953ef01a3fcd32eea970bthat he did something so wonderful that I’m still in shock. He called me several times and knew I wasn’t eating properly and wasn’t feeling really optimistic about my life.  He knew in depth how bad things were financially, housing, and mental status. So he did something.

All of a sudden I started receiving these visa gift cards , and yes they would just show up when I was so desperate that I just didn’t know where to turn. They came at moments when I didn’t know how I was going to get home from the psych doctor because I had no gas. They came at a time when there was no milk, cereal, eggs, or even butter in the fridge. They came at a time when the phone and electric was being turned off. I really have no idea  who were sending these cards but I was so grateful to them. They could have been total strangers or people who knew me. But it didn’t matter they were angels and they were sent to me. And it continues to happen. They came in all amounts $10, $15, $25, there were CVS cards and yes one Starbucks card.

Now this is not going to solve the financial and housing problems, but it certainly helps with my dietary needs and that helps my mental status which also helps me get to doctors etc,etc,etc. A HUGH HELP…..!

I can’t thank these people for putting me in their thoughts and prayers. I am so grateful. There will be a day when this tide will turn and life will get a little more balanced. But again for now it’s such a BIG help.





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