Clinton foundation honors Leonardo DiCaprio


The Clintons will honor Leonardo DiCaprio later this month for the actor’s environmental work, the Clinton Global Initiative announced.
Along with DiCaprio, the president of Kosovo and others will be honorees at the foundation’s 10th annual meeting, which will open Sept. 21 with the Clinton Global Citizen Awards, the organization said.

“Collaboration and turning ideas into action are core to the ethos of the Clinton Global Initiative and the Clinton Foundation,” Chelsea Clinton told The Hollywood Reporter, which first reported the event Wednesday. “Hollywood, likewise, relies on collaboration to bring creative visions to life and has been an excellent partner to the foundation across a number of our efforts.”

DiCaprio, who has been praised by Secretary of State John Kerry for his work on climate awareness, recently narrated a short film promoting the need for a carbon tax.
Former President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton are all expected to attend the Manhattan event, which will be hosted by NBC’s Seth Meyers. President Barack Obama is also expected to attend, as are Matt Damon and philanthropist Melinda Gates.
Presenting the awards will be former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Eva Longoria and music producer Randy Jackson. The evening will also have musical performances by a number of artists, including The Roots, Jason Mraz and Aloe Blacc.


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