Some say I share

too much. Some say I open up too much. Some say I might push people away for what I’ve been sharing. But I say it feels right. Just maybe and I say maybe someone reads some of one personal writings and feels, hey I’m in the same position. Maybe it might just guide or help that person. I have read others posts and I feel that some of the personal writings and some have captured me.

For me writing or posting helps me and that’s most important. Maybe I’m saying things people are thinking but are just as embarrassed and ashamed as I was. But I put it out.

But I have decided to stop posting my blog on Facebook. I feel people either are too busy with their own lives or really don’t want to hear negative stuff. So they turn away. And that’s okay, there’s nothing I could do about that. But I always said Facebook is purely for the heart and most other social media is for the brain.

Now I’m not saying it’s getting better because it just seems to be even more challenging. And yes at times I am frozen. But I know there is a light and I’m on my own for the most part. It confuses me that the ones I thought really would call just to see how’s it going aren’t and the most surprising ones are. It’s a true blessing. Others think that well I haven’t heard so he must be okay. Not. Why continue to call because it’s the same story and until things change domestically for me it will continue to be the same story. This will take time. I can’t reach out anymore than I can and I cannot expect anything monetary from anyone. It was just that ear I was looking.

But I’m so frozen……!


And I’m frozen at home………


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