iOS 8 Won’t Be Able To Forward Texts To Your Computer For A Few Weeks After Launch



iOS 8 is coming! iOS 8 is coming! As announced during this week’s iPhone 6 event, iOS 8 will ship to everyone with a compatible handset come September 17th.

Most of iOS 8 will ship then, anyway. According to a newly discovered footnote on Apple’s site, one of its key features still needs to cook for a few more weeks.

As spotted by 9to5mac, iOS 8’s SMS Continuity feature (which lets you use your laptop/iPad to receive and respond to texts sent to your phone, including standard, non-iMessage texts) won’t be going live until October.

It was always fair to assume that the Continuity features would come a bit after the rest of iOS 8, given that everything Apple has mentioned so far seemed to imply much of it relied on OS X Yosemite. Yosemite hasn’t been given an official launch date yet beyond “Fall”.

Curiously, SMS Forwarding…

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