What do you guys think……?

Starting to look into moving back to Palm Springs. I haven’t made bay decision yet but the few months will be key. I’m heading out next Thursday and Friday to check out housing. There is a wider range of properties also south of Palm Springs. Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert and a number of others. It’s just a fact finding trip. And to see some old friends.
Since I’ve lived out there I have the connections for the medical. A few more friends and many acquaintances. It would be a very easy transition.

But who knows I could get a call from a building here in Los Angeles and I probably would take.

What’s happening is I feel frozen in the neighborhood I live, almost trapped. I’m not used to living in a rough area. And it’s getting to me. I’ve been waking up more panicky and anxious where I don’t want to leave the house. And when I do I’m out of the area quickly. I’m not going on with my life, it’s s waiting for something to happen and there’s no telling when it will.

So there’s another option for me. It feels good to have options. It’s still going be tough the next couple of months but I’ll just to ride it out.

What do you guys think?



3 thoughts on “What do you guys think……?

  1. Im concerned about you not living in a safe area, that alone causes anxiety and panic attacks, not a healthy idea… If it’s an easy transition,I would go for it, move where you feel safe and comfortable honey, yout safety is the key…Go and see what they have to offer and then decide…If you need to talk I’m always here…Love you…


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