So I guess I’ve reached 500 posts well this is actually the 501st post. But I truly am very happy with all the responses and comments I’ve received. Setting this blog up almost 4 months ago with most of my posts being the last two months makes me feel grateful. Ive written about personal, current affairs, politics, entertainment, etc,etc,etc. and it’s been a rocky road. I’ve spoken so honestly and open about my life and I shared it all. It was tuff, but I did it. I put it all out there. I was ashamed at times and embarrassed. There were happy and joyous moments. There were learning and teaching moments. And a whole lot of good came out of my honesty. Again it was tuff. But I’m a tad stronger and little wiser. And I trust. Yes I trust that the universe and myself will come thru for me. I trust people and loved ones a little better. I found friends I never new I had, and friends I haven’t seen for years. For one, family is family no matter what. For two, old friends are always there and new friends and acquaintances are just as special. For some thank you for reading my blog daily and others who might read it every now and then. And for new ones thank you also. I always say if my voice is out there it’s helping me and possibly others. I write for myself mostly, but I’m so glad my voice reaches. I’m grateful and blessed and feel the abundance of kindness and love I’ve received. I so enjoy all my readers from all over over the world, it excites when someone from Hungary or Indonesia or South Africa comment. Who am I, I’m just Frank, but I’m a proud individual. So God Bless You All………xoxoxo xox



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