Dad can use Facebook to serve child support papers, judge rules

My are the times changing!


Maybe this is why some teens think Facebook is for old people: a New York father just got permission to use the social network to notify his ex-wife about changes to their child support arrangement.

According to family court judge Gregory Gliedman, [company]Facebook[/company] was an acceptable form of “alternate service” since Noel Biscocho couldn’t locate his ex-wife, Anna Maria Antigua. The legal dispute turned on a request by Antigua to stop paying child support because his son had reached the age of 21.

In a court order, the judge described how Biscocho had tried all sorts of other methods to locate Antigua, including texting his children for her address and doing a “search on the Google search engine.”

But, the judge noted, even though Antigua could not be found, she was active on Facebook — and had even “Liked” photos posted by Biscocho’s current wife. As a result, the judge concluded that Biscocho could take the unprecedented step of using Facebook to serve the order, provided that he also mailed a copy to Antigua’s last…

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