Palm Springs fact finding, how did it go? Could I live back out there? What are the pros and cons of both cities “The Desert & Los Angeles” ? Will my medical be what I need? Can Lucas and I handle the summer heat? And how to make a decision when that call comes from either Los Angeles or The Desert?

Well, yes I could live back out there, it’s a very different city now than 12 years ago and the transition would be easy. The Pros for each city where equal. Of course their totally different but they both suit my needs. I could continue my medical in Los Angeles for at least six months to a year but become a client at Desert Aids Project. Pharmacy the same. I think for Lucas and I with the summer heat, well Lucas is primarily an indoor dog in the summer. The winter I bring him out more. Simply because he is a long haired Maltese. But I don’t see a problem there. A strong pro was the traffic in “The Desert” was very little. Now I know when season comes that changes but nothing like Los Angeles. But I don’t really mind the traffic here, I’ve learned to find ways of avoiding it. The most pro is the mountains, their magical. I always felt I got the same energy from mountains as I did from the ocean. So you see it was a successful trip.

But for now I’ve decided to just let the universe and God do their thing. I’m on about 25 waiting lists and I pray one comes thru and then I deal with it all then. I’m going to start enjoying Los Angeles the free way, museums, galleries,my friends and so much more. It’s a great city and I love being here, I feel fortunate.


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