Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Great photo…….and a good read!

Crazy Good Parent

red_coatSometimes, I sit at the computer and the prose flows smoothly from my fingertips to the keys and onto the crisp white virtual paper.

Today? Not so much. There is something I want to write about and nothing witty or even vaguely literary is coming to mind, probably because the subject is sad.

I’ve lost a friend . . .willingly.

Friendship was never easy for me. I’m more comfortable doing most of the things I like to do alone. Shopping, nature walks, even eating out, are all far more relaxing when I do them alone. But I know friendships are important, especially for those of us with neurodiversities. Even the Mayo Clinic says so.

We all have different kinds of friendships and, though I don’t have a horde of friends, I have my share of the various varieties. I have “cup of coffee” friends, “your daughter and my daughter are…

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