West Village

The West Village is changing. For those of you who remember, the neighborhood was once a nesting place for rambunctious youth and artists. But with every Starbucks that opens (I’m looking at you, Bleecker street location), the Village loses a bit more of its history and charm.

Residents of the neighborhood have watched the progression with a mix of appreciation and disdain. Sure, it’s palpably stodgy when an area has more bankers than Baryshnikovs… but it’s also really convenient to have Intermix.

And so the West Village continues the hunt for an identity. Will smoke shops shutter to make way for another Gary Stulman restaurant? Or will the area continue to serve as a local mecca for art, fashion and culture?

Ideally, both. As a freelance writer who can also rationalize spending ten dollars for a single serving of kale juice (skip Organic Avenue and head to Juice Generation), I often find myself straddling the line between the Village’s past and present. The only option is for us to work together, and to define the future for a neighborhood that embraces luxury without forgetting its past.whynot-600x502


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