When times are good, you have everyone around you. When times are tough, most run. Why? I’ve watched the friends, acquaintances, Facebook friends and acquaintances, old and new friends, friends from as far back as grammar school how they dealt with my postings about my life. I haven’t posted anything about my life in about four or five weeks. I feel it’s out there and I’m just dealing with it the best I can. But some of these people ran when I talked about the my difficulties and that’s okay and the ones you wouldn’t think came through. And of course there are a few good friends that did not run.
But the funniest thing just happened, I ran into my realtors from Florida. Now, I see them often on Facebook, but lately they haven’t been commenting or liking any of my posts and I them, where as they always did.
But they seemed awfully cold when we spoke this am, almost like they were afraid I would ask for something. Now, I know that our mutually good friend, who I don’t speak to anymore might have poisoned their minds. But they never seemed like those kind of guys. I know them almost 25 plus years. We were always cordial and made a nice fuss and hug when we saw each other.
But none of that happened. There was just about a shake of a hand from one and not even an introduction to who we at their table.

So either their running, or that they thought differently of me than I of them, or they were poisoned. Either way it was very strange and odd, but I truly understand. You see I look at life very differently now and none of that matters. It’s about the people, the universe, God, myself surrounding me. I take one day at a time and do not let petty things bother me. I have way too much going on. And I know that things change and that gives me hope.

God bless you all for reading….!



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