How to secure your iPhone with iOS 8 password managers and Touch ID


There are two enhanced features of iOS 8 that can change how users manage their secure information. The first is Apple’s decision to open up Touch ID for third-party developers to integrate into their apps, and the second is allowing Safari extensions to be installed on iOS.

It was not that the out of the box security features that Apple built into prior versions of iOS were not up to the task of remembering all of your IDs and passwords, quite the opposite in fact. iCloud will remember your security credentials quite seamlessly. The problem that third-party password managers addresses goes a bit beyond just remembering things.

Locking down your iOS device

With iOS 7, Apple introduced iCloud Keychain. This feature allows you to sync access of your website usernames and passwords, credit card information, and Wi-Fi network access information across all of your devices. To use this feature you…

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