Z Nation: Home Sweet Home Recap (aka ZNADO!)


Z Nation: Home Sweet Home (1×05)

Synopsis: Honestly, I think the trailer for this episode explained it best: “Zombies. Torando. ZNADO. ‘Nuff said.” Okay, so, they also go to Warren’s hometown to look up her long lost hubby. But who really thinks he’s alive?

Rating: ★★★★☆

Kylee is off having a blast at New York Comic Con right now so I’ll be doing the recap for Z Nation this week. But don’t worry, she’ll be back with you guys next week and she’ll be coming back from NYCC with some cool stuff in store for you all after meeting up with some of the folks behind Z Nation.

But for now you’re stuck with me and this awesome Z Nation episode.

s01_e0105_08_141294777359___CC___640x360 Just a nice shot of the team on the road. [SyFy] Okay, so, over all this was a really nice episode. It was calmer and a bit more laid back that…

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