I got that call…..!

Today I got a call. Yes, the call from one the apartment complexes that I’m on a waiting list. I didn’t take the call at first because I was in the other room when the call came through, didn’t hear it. So I listened to the message, it was about an apt in Long Beach, south of LA. So I called the gentlemen back and we discussed me coming down and making a decision. I would probably take it, until I ask the rent.


I was taken back since it was suppose to be low income senior housing. But it wasn’t it, it was low income/market rate. Big difference. So I had to say no, but that’s okay. In this complex there are only 4 units that are subsidized out of 160 units. Meaning about 30/40 % of income.

But I feel I’m getting there, this gives me hope. If one call starts then maybe another and it might just be a few. So this is good. All the work I’ve done is not for nothing. So I’m okay and I continue to put it in gods and the universe’s hand and with life. So it’s all good…..🏒🏒🏒🏒🏒



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