Is the glass half happy or half sad?

Great just to get those thoughts out, I do it often. It really helps!

The Reclining Gentleman

There is a divergence in my mental state recently, as though my emotional self is standing with one foot on a boat which is slowly drifting away from the bank. Which way will I go? To sea or back to shore? Or will I end up in the water?

To the outsider, to those I socialise with and to some extent those I work with, I am a lot happier lately. I engage more with people, I talk more, I listen more. And I think that during those times I am genuinely more content, more emotionally settled and the black dog isn’t on my shoulder. So maybe that perception of me is right.

But when I’m on my own – which, as a single person living alone who shies away from socialising much, is a lot of the time – I feel myself sinking lower than I have done for…

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