Snapchat Reminds Us That Users Are To Blame For Photo Leaks



In response to the most recent Snapchat leak —now called “The Snappening” in homage to the recent leak of celebrity nudes — a statement has been posted on the company blog regarding the unlawful use of its unofficial API. And in classic Snapchat fashion, the company is taking almost zero responsibility.

Last week, a third-party application called Snapsaved that uses a reverse engineered Snapchat API was hacked, leading to a leak of over 500MB images from Snapchat users. While Snapsaved is most certainly and admittedly responsible for the latest breach, the Snappening (among other past indiscretions) has raised the question of whether or not Snapchat has done enough to prevent third-party applications from accessing its API.

As explained here Snapchat has never officially allowed a third-party applications to access its API, though it isn’t difficult to reverse engineer. An official API or application programming interface, is often used to…

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