Los Angeles

While I ponder about going with the idea of ” Any port in the Storm ” I question myself. How cemented am I in Los Angeles? What I have in LA will I have in the desert? Can I deal with multiple moves? Cause that’s what it will be, in order to get into the apartment I need. Can I continue with this situation for another six to twelve months? Is it possible. I can’t rely on others for their kindness. It’s not fair. I got myself into this situation, so I have to deal with it.

There are many pros and cons to both places, there are just a little more pros in Los Angeles. Those few are important ones. They took a year to cement, my medical team, my eastern treatment team, and I’m building some new friendships. Not that this won’t happen in the desert, but it will take time again. Most likely another year or so. Is it worth the same amount I would save if I hold on here?

There’s a good chance something might come up in the desert in either November or December. The one complex has a high turnover with studios. Their about 300 sq feet. And once I take that I go on the list for a one bedroom. Now again nothing has been offered so this is just in the back of my mind. But at any rate can I move back to the desert is the question after being gone for 11 years?

And yes I am on waiting lists here in LA that might start popping.

So I will be patient and wait until something happens……..




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