Therapy Thursday

I hear ya……!


I am so tired. That’s my main thought. Also sad. But tired predominates. It’s grown chilly and windy here, leaves starting to fall. I zip up my jacket all the way, pull down my hood and cower in.

I’ve still been going to therapy, one night a week, when it’s already dark. By that time, I am worn out. I’ve been coping all day, and I can’t just stop coping because suddenly it’s therapy time. It’s really difficult to unzip emotions when I’ve been holding them in for the work week.

Last session seemed like more of a lecture from Ron than me exploring my feelings. I guess sometimes it’s good to hear what he thinks about my situation. Just I don’t end up exploring my own feelings for that session.

Last time, the theme was my family. I’d explained how tired I was on the weekends, and sad, and…

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