Loly Adds A Supersized Emoji Sparkle To Your iPhone

Love this….!


Move over boring old static smiley face and wine glass emoticons, Loly is a new, bigger, prettier emoji app now available on the App Store. Online fashion pioneer Gina Pell created the new app to fill a need for the “chic and stylish” to have a better way to express themselves.

Pell is the founder of early e-commerce fashion site Splendora. That got acquired by Joyus a few years back and Pell has been working there ever since. She likened the creation of Splendora to her new venture Loly and says she even sketched out all the emoji herself before handing it off to a design team. “Emoji and emoticons have been such a hot topic lately which is why I created something I thought was sorely missing in the market,” says Pell.


There are six distinct categories of emoji in Loly:

  1. Lips – These are all animated “blow me” type red…

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