Shake up a Twitter

In yet another high level shakeup at Twitter, two more executives are reportedly leaving the company.

Jeremy Gordon, Twitter’s VP of engineering and Adam Kinney, who heads up analytics, are stepping down from Twitter’s engineering team, the two announced Wednesday.

Gordon, who came to Twitter in 2012 after the company acquired his startup, was promoted to VP of engineering earlier this year. He announced his resignation on Twitter, thanking CEO Dick Costolo, but did not provide a reason for his departure.
Adam Kinney, who had been with company since 2010, headed up the company’s analytics efforts, which have expanded in recent weeks.
Though neither manager elaborated on a reason for leaving, CNBC reported that “some engineers at Twitter are concerned that the company’s product vision is not clear enough.”

Their departures are the latest in a series of high profile resignations this year that included former COO Ali Rowghani, head of global media Chloe Sladden, VP of product Michael Sippey and head of news Vivian Schiller, among others.

Though Twitter beat estimates for Q3 earnings, concerns about user growth have persisted.



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