2014 elections: Obama: Worst map in over 50 Years


Obama says this year has ‘the worst possible group of states’ for Democrats.
On this Election Day, Democrats are facing the “worst” map in more than 50 years in their uphill battle to hold the Senate, President Barack Obama said Tuesday.
Calling in to Connecticut’s WNPR radio station in support of Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy, Obama took a bearish view of Senate Democrats’ chances on Tuesday — a stark contrast with a much more bullish assessment by Vice President Joe Biden made just minutes before.

Obama said his party’s precarious position is mostly attributable to the nature of Senate elections encompassing one-third of the chamber’s seats in any given election. This time around those states include competitive races in North Carolina, Arkansas, Louisiana and Alaska and long-lost open seats in West Virginia, South Dakota and Montana — all states that tilt.

“It tends to be a little arbitrary which seats are really going to be contested, which aren’t,” Obama said. “This is possibly the worst possible group of states for Democrats since Dwight Eisenhower. There are a lot of states that are being contested where they just tend to tilt Republican. And Democrats are competitive, but they tend to tilt that way.”

Calling in to a different Connecticut station to boost Malloy, Biden predicted that Democrats would end up with 52 votes in the Senate and eke out a slew of tough races.

The president did see a bright side to the governors’ races, where GOP governors in states like Maine, Kansas and Pennsylvania could lose to Democrats.

“When it comes to governors races … it’s much more about that state and peoples’ concerns about jobs and schools and education funding and the issues that are particular to that state,” Obama said. “And what we’re seeing out of the dozen or so gubernatorial races around the country right now, they’re all tied.”

That list of tight races includes solidly blue states like Connecticut and Maryland, where Republicans are giving surprising challenges to Democrats like Malloy and Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, respectively. So Democrats hoping for a silver lining to Tuesday’s congressional losses are counting on Obama and Biden’s last-minute pleas in support of Malloy.



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