Feeling Good

Well as I sit here at Starbucks, I wonder. I feel good, my meds seem to be working well, I’ve resigned to stay in my apartment until a one bedroom comes available and I feel settled. Buy why do I have this small amount of angst. I believe it relates to all to the financial stuff. And that I’ve come to terms with knowing it’s just temporary. But it can become a real problem down the road. God only knows how I made to November, I truly didn’t think I would get this far.

Each month is tuff, but I get thru it. Do I wake up some mornings and want to hide under the covers and not want to leave the house or even the bedroom. But I push myself and push myself out of the house most times. At least if I get to Larchmont Village and to Starbucks it’s good. I’ve learned to bring my SBUC budget way down, plus their very kind to me here. Glen gave me gas card for my use and that helps a whole lot, since I live about 20/25 minutes from most destinations.

Yes, yes, yes I know it can be a lot worse and I am so grateful for what I do have. And yes I hear some heart wrenching stories on what difficulties some are having. But I have come a long way in acceptance. I believe nothing is forever and yes the tide will change. But living day to day brings it’s own angst, small as it is, it does.

But as I said earlier I feel good.
And that’s a major accomplishment.



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