ReservationHop Ditches Restaurant Reservations, Launches Scheduling Tool OK Shift


Hey, remember ReservationHop? You know, the much-criticized service that promised to sell restaurant reservations to users? Well, founder Brian Mayer is officially abandoning the idea.

The service seemed to attract the hatred of pretty much every tech journalist on Twitter (or at least the ones I follow) back in July — in fact, it spurred our own Josh Constine to write a post asking startups to “Stop The JerkTech.”

It’s probably not worth going into all the pros and cons of the idea at this point — let’s just say that Mayer told me he was trying to address “San Francisco’s love of both food and instant gratification, which I share,” while others found it “sleazy” and compared it to ticket scalping.

Anyway, shortly after the brouhaha, Mayer made what he called a “soft pivot” — he still planned to sell reservations, but now…

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