Have you ever had to change your diet according to your financial status?
Have you ever found yourself getting used to to those foods that might not be so good for. Your body is not used to these type of foods. But as you continue to eat these very different foods you find that when you try something that you haven’t had probably in about 6-9 months your body might not reject it.

Well that’s what’s happened. You see every now and then a good friend takes me to dinner. It’s always nice spending time with him and others. But I find that just having a pasta dish and salad doesn’t always agree with my stomach. Similar to today I had a half of BLT and boy did it do a number on me, I’m still feeling an uncomfortable feeling. My new diet basically consist of water, eggs, kale, salads, soups, very little meat and some veggies when available. There a few other things thrown in, but for the most part it somewhat bland.

I guess our bodies reject and definitely let us know what they want. When something very different like a BLT goes in its havoc. With all of the changes I have lost about 5lbs, but it’s not a problem I could use another 2/3 lbs.

To sum this up I’m probably selecting what I think will work and it’s usually not so bad. So some good is coming out of this new food regimen.



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