Immigration…..My new understanding….!

Please read….A great experience…..!

Now many of you know I don’t speak much about politics or of the president. And you probably know I’m not a hough fan of his. But on this policy matter he might have help me understand his executive signing on the immigration policy.

On Saturday I had a Pysch appointment, and when I arrived on Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles there were many people at the building. I wondered why. So I found a space 2 blocks away and walk to the building. As I arrived I noticed a large group in line and they were very orderly. They looked like me, you, your neighbor, friend or family member. Casually dressed, children with good manners and all holding some form of documents. I wondered again. So I asked and realized the Guatemala Consulate office was in my building. And of course there had been a long line there for the last 2 weeks. The doorman told me.

I went to my appointment and then came back down and thought about what I saw. Many of the men and woman work 2-3 jobs to support their families and some spoke really good English. I chatted. I didn’t see any criminals, vigilantes, gang members, just working people and their families, of course not knowing what’s ahead in the consulate office. I was very happy I chatted and got a great understanding about why these people just want to be able to work and feed their families without fear. And maybe just maybe get a little piece of our democracy that they can. I so get that. I am swayed President Obama…..



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