New year, new journey, how I will survive

Well things are pretty much the same, but my coping skills are much better. I know I can’t change my situation overnight but in time it will. Right now I have a roof over my head, a car to keep me mobile, I’ve learned to pick and choose the proper foods at the food bank and a great friend in Glenn. My living arrangements will change (meaning the neighborhood) but it will take time to get myself on the right side of town. And time I have.

I am so grateful for what I’m going into this new year with. I am at peace with so much that I can’t control. And for me that’s great, it helps me know that goods things lie ahead. Sure things are about the same (financially, residence, etc) but I have a better understanding of how to not let it take me down to those low points. Those low points I went through were tough but maybe I had to go through them to get to this point.

My apartment is in safe building, that was the first issue I came to terms with and it continued down the line. You see a couple of months ago I threw my hands up and gave in and thought “it’s all in Gods hands” I’m a much better person also for my faith. I meditate, pray, spend a lot of time with Lucas, have a great men’s group I attend and look towards a great future.

I’ve been up and down so many times and I’ve always found a way to survive. That’s just me. And all the wonderful support from some special people in my life. I am so Blessed………



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