The Looking Screen

Take a moment to look at……very interesting……!


  • Let’s Gander IntoThe Looking Screen
  • Lies told a thousand times
  • Set the scene
  • Menacing minds
  • Grisly, dismal pics of death
  • Made us all apprehensive
  • Concerning our health
  • A pause, looking at life a bit more pensive
  • Do you
  • Have to repeat what others have gone through
  • Do you
  • You see, there were many a bath-house dancer
  • Whose fecal-sex-drug-feeding lifestyles
  • Caused them to acquire Kaposi Sarcoma Cancer
  • These out of control lives on the skids
  • Braked only when they hit the GRID
  • Gay Related Infectious Disease
  • Gay Related Immune Deficiency
  • You see, there never was any HIV
  • It was about using death to make money
  • Clifford Hassing made quite a popping
  • Getting gays to pop poppers
  • Made to restart hearts from stopping
  • And the rest of these physician ingrates
  • Lied and couldn’t adhere to Koch’s Postulates
  • Which said if there is a cause
  • Then that cause you can isolate
  • Inject…

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