Kanye West Says Beyoncé Is Inspired By Kim Kardashian

Thus guy is an idiot…..


When Beyoncé is working on a new album, she keeps pictures of Kim Kardashian on the wall to inspire her — that’s according to Kardashian’s husband Kanye West.

In a characteristically candid interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, Kanye said that Beyoncé takes inspiration from images of his wife because “Kim represents powerful women.”

He added that the two women love and respect each other, and have a relationship with a “LeBron James-Kobe [Bryant] element to it.”

That wasn’t all he opened up about. On the subject of Kim’s notorious Paper magazine cover, Kanye said representation of her body type is an important precedent to set for younger generations: “My daughter has a chance of being shaped like my wife, so … between this age and the age when she’s like that, I’m gonna be fighting for that shape to be considered the highest of class … or at…

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After Two and a Half Men, Chuck Lorre Still Runs CBS


Last night, CBS’s sitcom Two and a Half Men hit the end of the road, wrapping up its twelfth and final season. It was the end of a sitcom that, at its peak, was world-beatingly popular, but it’s not really the end of an era. Its creator, Chuck Lorre, has seen his sensibility come to dominate CBS.

His power was proven in the 2011 standoff over Charlie Sheen’s public disparagement; Sheen, the star of the show and the seeming origin of its louche humor, was fired, and the show rolled on. Sheen was dispensable, but the show, and its creator, were absolutely not. This was really just a ratification of what already seemed apparent. By that point, Lorre’s The Big Bang Theory was a hit and Mike & Molly, which he executive-produces, had begun. Those two shows continue on CBS to this day, while a third, Mom, bears…

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Watch an Adorable Pug Puppy Reenact This Year’s Oscar Nominees



Still haven’t seen all the Best Picture nominees in time for the Academy Awards this Sunday? No problem! Just watch this video, created by The Pet Collective, which reenacts all eight films in just three minutes using a painfully cute baby pug.

All the movies get new, dog-appropriate titles, like American Sniffer, Selmutt and Puphood. The pug totally nails all the roles — even if some, like Stephen Hawking, are maybe a tad insensitive. Mostly, though, it’s just really, really cute.

This video should get all the Oscars instead of the actual movies.

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Well it looks like I’m at a stand still with my my mind and what my body craves. Although I’m doing somewhat better, I knew what I needed to do to get back on financial straights. But my body is craving those days of hiding in bed during the xanax addiction. But now I have no xanax and the thought of it makes me nausaus. And my tolerance to benzos is so high that an average dose would do nothing. So 1-3mg of klonopin or 10-12mg of valium does not knock me out for 4-5 hours like I want. Just to hide. And I know that if I up the dosages I’m in big trouble. I know all this because I’ve been experimenting with it for the last week. I’ve shared with my group and my therapist about this and am extremly honest about what I’ve been doing. I don’t know if I want to stop, but I can’t up the ante on dosages. So there’s my connondrom. Ths is all in real time.

Addiction, I’m finding is a horoble disease, coupled with financial, enviromental depression, loneliness, and a whole host of other issues can really leave you no way to turn but benzos. But hiding in bed all day, eating and then back to bed is what I’m doing. Sometimes head out for a coffee and some writing, like now. But I know the risks. And they’re not good. Very similar to the days of Xanax…..

I’ve found the meetings I should go to but do I really want to go and am ready to stop. Obviously, the dosages aren’t working. My

mind is almost made up.

Now I’m definitely not going to do anything harmful to my body, but I just don’t have the will to not want to hide. Hiding under the covers is an escape. And I want to escape………………..ADDICTIONLightbulbsLightbulbs

Sitting amongst…….#USC

Sitting amongst the future of the 21st century. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, political analytists, political leaders, business leaders, art historians, history buffs, musicians, accountants, architects, athletes, etc, etc, etc, and possibly some of the greatest thinkers of this century. Yes, I mean these university students. The average amount of applicants at the undergrade level is about 30,000 and about only 17% get accepted. That’s very competitive, my old alumni is about 31,000 and they accept about 10% (University of Miami). Now this can be the same for any university or college but looking in the eyes of some of these students the competineness just exudes. Of course the range of age is varying, from 17/18 and upward. What I’m really getting at is the energy and push its giving me.

Today I woke up very stressed and wanted only to stay in bed and hide. I pushed myself out and came over to campus (10 minutes away). Got myself a Starbucks and roamed around campus especially near the music, telivision, theatre, and arts buildings. I just happened to find myself in some beautiful tree lined walkways where some classes where happening outdoors and some students practicing their music. Just delightful! Need I say I definitely got out of that stressed feeling and placed myself in this setting. I never want to leave. I sat and here I am writing about this. This breezy and shaded area with all the lush green give way to a great mindset. #Mindfullness And of course the weather is about 85 and georgeous again and it’s going to be this way for a number of days.

It truly brings me back to my days at Lynn University and University of Miami, with such fond memories. Hangin with Margaret, Wayne, Michael, Robyn, Sue, Tom, Rick, Little Ray and so many others. And then my besties at U of Miami Michael Irene and Lisa Schneider. With Becky, Ilene, Brad, Dickey, and all the gang from Cricket Club and Jockey Club. GREAT DAYS. But that’s all for another day.


This is today and I’m in this moment and it feels great…….